A quantity of spoons

I am used to searching for beautiful things the slow way. You get up (more or less early, depending on where you're going) and physically make your way to your destination. The journey is usually part of the experience, as is the food you eat, who you are with, and so on. Some days you find a gem and you buy it. Some days you find a gem but leave it behind. Some days you leave it behind then agonize over a cup of tea over whether to go back to get it. Or not. Some days you find nothing at all.
So signing up for an online auction was a new departure. It was now all about "the thing" you're buying, I thought.
My last experience with buying at auction was from the early 90s. We'd browse through the lots on offer at Lots Road and leave a bid - only for the things we really loved, only the minimum bid. Most weeks, we would not win anything, but occasionally we'd strike gold. Without ever attending an actual auction. I figured the same tactic would work for online auctions but... I did not consider how easy it would be to "just have a little look" on my phone to see how things were going.
And that, my friends, is how I became the proud owner of "a quantity of collectable spoons". I had enourmous fun researching them. Many, MANY happy hours... Quite a few of them have sold but some are still for sale. Check them out. But in the interest of time I am going to have to leave you here for today. Much love.