On the road to Port Bredy

Amber warnings of fog were not going to keep us away. As we drove along the A35 towards Bridport, I was reminded of how unashamedly beautiful Hardy country is. The mist served to cast the views as the atmospheric landscape it always is in my head. Where's my copy of "Far from the Madding Crowd" again?
Fog or no fog, the unseasonal February warmth brought people out in droves and Bridport was jammed. To add sufficient colour to the proceedings (of course) I had to leave my lovely husband stuck in traffic while I trotted along the high street and back roads looking for The Auction House. I was eternally grateful to the sweet gentleman who kept the place open a few minutes more this beautiful Saturday so I could make it there, a tad breathless but happy, to collect my 'quantity' of items. Oh boy. They were not joking. Six boxes, a 'quantity' of bubble wrap and a couple of back-breaking hours in the car park later, we were so ready for a break. That is one of the joys of internet bidding; what you actually get can be a bit of a surprise!
Old memories of visiting The Anchor Inn in Seatown while out walking up the Golden Cap came to mind, so we set it as our next destination. The food and the place were up their usual awesome standards.
Back home, the six boxes are still unsorted, but I have fished out the cutest little tureen by Geo. L Ashworth & Bros, dated 1862, which will appear on the site shortly. In the interest of time, I will have to leave you here for today. Much love.